Someone Who Was

June 27, 2009
By Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
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A friend to the small
And to the big
A friend of animals
Mammals and such
Someone who helped
Someone who cared
About Earth and life
Someone who was a wonderful friend
To both man and animal
Someone who was a spectacular father
To a son and to a daughter
Someone who was a fantastic husband
to a wife just like him
Someone who as a child
Never stayed in one place too long
Someone who was a complete raving mad man
A practical lunatic one could call him
Someone who was the kind
to show to a high class party
In khakis and boots, his work clothes
A beautiful woman, his wife
All dressed up and shining
Someone who was a blast
To be around
Someone million,
Trillions loved
A man who died
Doing exactly what he loved
So great a loss
For man
For Earth
For animal
For families
For his family
Many will miss him
Not one thing shall ever be the same
Some shall try to be him
Those who try shall fail
No one will ever catch
Our hearts, our minds
Like that one person
Like that one special person
Like that one special, raving lunatic person
Someone who was just a man
Someone known as
STEVE IRWIN!!!!!!!!!!
May he rest in peace...
We all shall miss you

The author's comments:
I wrote this to Steve Irwin, a man who died by a stingray stabbing him in the heart while he was filming footage for his daughter's, Bindi, new show. His death will always be remembered and we shall all miss him. May he rest in peace...Or keep things interesting around his zoo. Hee hee.

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