The Flames MAG

June 26, 2009
By Emily Spak BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
Emily Spak BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
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the world's under construction
(please pardon the appearance)
just try not to acknowledge
the earth's current incoherence
anyway, for the next thirty days,
(or weeks or months or years)
just don't read the news, please
we're still working on those smears
all these inconvenient wars
have really screwed the time frame
but we'll still get it finished
until then, ignore the flames
the cranes are getting rickety,
bulldozers breaking underfoot
the zing of broken, swinging wires
making it tougher to stay put
but we're building ramps and highways,
houses, feelings, little towns
we're slowly making progress
slowly toppling the frowns
it may never be quite perfect,
it may never be the same
but one day it may be half ideal
until then,

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