Goodbye, the Rain

June 26, 2009
By Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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Tap tap
rain drops on glass
more and more until a showering mast
flows from the sky to the becoming sea.

So cold in the basement holding in all my thoughts
letting them go in one tear at a time
gathering all i thought was mine
in my mind, and throwing it away in the rain.

Polluted black stains across my face
hang over mild but pounding,
i guess god's way of saying no more drowning
is smacking me in the face.

I guess never being good enough is a game i always win.
if its considered sport to fail first,
to scream until you burst.
I guess its okay to flounder before you pass out.

Tap tap
rain on the glass
more and more unless it cracks;
flows from the sky into the becoming sea

All I can see now is the blue taking over,
slowly coming over from my eyes,
Never did hide, no I won't lie,
I've been drinking tonight but I won't say why.

It's like a ferris wheel spinning slowly
it keeps going and doesnt stop
only a good veiw on the very top
but you can't get off. It keeps going.

Searching for that next moment
to fall over the edge for someone else
another moment to let loose
but i'm scared that if i find it i'll hang myself.

Tap tap
rain on glass.
more and more and then it cracks
and freshwater in the sea kills.

Set my mind on fire and let memory burn
too bad it won't burn forever; a bonfire nightlight
each piece burning in spite.
If i want to forget what i cant rememember but feel is it really gone?

Got these things that don't leave
so you throw them on a boat that sails away
from the river to the mouth to the bay
and into an ocean where it will break and sink.

Before its last goodbye all these things that remind me
that i'm trying to push away,i hold them one last time
once more before their last climb
where they tip over the edge of eternity not to rise again.

Tap tap
rain on glass,
more fell in and then it cracked.
And now its done, it says goodbye

The author's comments:
inspired by saying goodbye to someone i love(d?)

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