June 26, 2009
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And then there were days when everything felt right

And then there were days when everything went wrong

Yet through all those days, she didn't say a word

And no one ever helped, because no one ever heard.

She was breaking down inside,

Dying day by day

But no one ever knew

Because she wouldn't dare say.

Now there isn't enough time to fix all her mistakes

And there isn't enough time to help save herself

So she has disappeared in the crowd

Without a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on

So she puts up her hair and puts on a smile

Maybe things will get better, maybe in a while.

There is no shimmer of hope, left inside her sole

But she does have a story, a story untold.

A story of a lost love, that is now long gone

A love that was simple, a love that was strong

A love she never thought could,

Has torn her apart

Now she lives in her past, waiting and hoping

And he has moved on, while she is left coping.

All she needs is a sign, that things will look up

Just a reason to live, a reason to not give up.

But silence surrounds her,

Her life is now empty

And there are days where everything is feels right

And there are days when everything goes wrong.

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