a drunkened man

June 26, 2009
By SweetxTears SILVER, Buffalo, New York
SweetxTears SILVER, Buffalo, New York
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A drunkened sap
Vomiting on the floor.
When Drinking gets out of hand.
I can't help you anymore.

All that i can do.
Isn't Really help at all.
But i stand there holding your hair
as you throw up on my wall.

You say one more drink.
When it's really just beginning.
Vodka, liqour, booze, and henny
Your drinking never stops exceeding.

Can't put down the liqour
Can't stop slurping on the booze.
But to you why would it matter?
What have you got to lose.

You just quit your job.
to satisfy your lust of drinking.
wasting all of your lonely life.
just crying and thinking.

liqour makes you sad
it's no anti depressant.
midol, ibprofen, even tylenol.
Are better than what you're guzzling.

But sweetie don't give up.
I know that you can breakthrough.
just do it for your children.
and quit all the booze.

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