silent murder .

June 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Well she was coming down,
Falling to pieces. You didn’t
Know how. You couldn’t find
A reason. Now she’s six feet
Underneath the ground and
With times like this, I bet you
Wish you were around.

With the silent screams she
Makes that fills your head,
Messing you up, your pain
Is cutting into you deeper
And deeper, full of lost regret.
You shout, “Help me to just
forget.” Coming to the hard
Realization that you can never
Take back what you last said.

Tears stream down your ugly
White face. She smiles down
On you that you’re full of hate.
For no one other than yourself,
Cause you offered her no help.
She tried reaching out to you,
To hold your hand and make
You understand what she feels
Like, what she’s going through,
But you were always busy with
Other stuff to do. Her face
Crumpling up into crying, you
Never looked back at her, you
Gave up on her, even when she
Was in the room next to yours,

A broken soul, she lies with the
Dirt and worms, never let anyone
Know how much she hurt. Fake
Smiles used to cover her pretty
Face, coated with dead leaves,
Caked with mud is now replaced.
Beautiful ocean blue eyes that
Swept everyone out to the sea
Of her dreams, lay rotting in a
Stuffy coffin. Never again will
Anyone be enchanted with her
Presence, nor the lives of her
Non-existing descendants. A
Lonely girl, trapped forever in
The dark corner of the world.

Look what you did to her, you
Silent murder.

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