June 26, 2009
By Pastelcolors BRONZE, Great Falls, Virginia
Pastelcolors BRONZE, Great Falls, Virginia
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Palms sweating.
Legs shaking.
Heart pounding.
Mind racing.

Time will make it better, they said.
Time will lessen the pain, I read.

Teeth clenching.
Chest quaking.
Ears ringing.
Soul aching.

I belong to a broken home.
I know that I am not alone.

But I still hurt.

The author's comments:
The fact that most teenagers grow up in broken homes is all too real. I know because I am one of these children. People are always talking about how it effects kids emotionally. What they don't realize is that the stress of dealing with a divorce and a new stepfamily manifests itself in physical symptoms as well. I was inspired to write this piece to increase awareness of this ongoing struggle.

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