Once Upon a Time

June 26, 2009
By turbo_fetch BRONZE, Lusby, Maryland
turbo_fetch BRONZE, Lusby, Maryland
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Once upon a time
Is how fairy tales start
But this is not a fairy tale
It was never meant to be
There was a young girl
And she had no identity
Her daddy left her when she was little
And her mommy got real sick
This girl was given away
And taken from her brother
Because of her mother
Life was supposed to be better
But it really was not
The girl could never let go
And that caused problems within
She excelled in school
And was good in sports
She had always learned quickly
But her past held her back
She forgave her daddy over and over
But then she would get mad again
And start the evil process over
She tried to escape by cutting
But people found out
She got in a lot of fights
She didn’t like to get in trouble
So she knew she had to stop
When she had the time
She would escape to the beach or creek
Sometimes she didn’t have that much time
So she would sneak to the woods
It was calm there and she could think
She could relax and be free
This girl may seem like a lost case
But that little girl was me

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