Driving Love MAG

By Jessica S., Northport, NY

The air clings to the lingering scent of rain.
Moccasined feetskitter over glistening cobblestone.
His broad hands open a silver-shiningdoor.
Deft fingers bring the engine bounding to life.

Low mutteringssignify our start.
Turning slowly away from the curb,
We're plunged intocandid conversation.
Tink, tink, the blinker of sanctionedadvancements.

Chocolate saturates the atmosphere.
It slips hot down mythroat.
Fondness stirs in the sweet sloshing,
Forever warm andwaiting.

Heavy, thick new drops plunk the smooth windshielddome,
Coiling to converge; nature blurs the road.
The comfortingwindshield-wiper thump
Deepens the rhythm of discussion.

Toes wriggleagainst the dash,
Soft, susceptible skin, pale against the darkgray.
Fingers twist together in hand-held acceptance
I live a 65-milelifetime in a day.

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i love this so much!


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