One Tragicly Lovely Day

June 26, 2009
By LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
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A lovely day, non-cloudy sky
They looked at the birds and watched them fly.
Just enjoying a day like no other
Just a young girl and her caring brother,
Which she cared for like no other

Standing by the sea, just her and me
The smell of the water so salty,
The rickety dock began to get quite faulty.
With a splish and a splash, the ocean rammed the helpless old wood
Utill there was no more where once we stood
I looked to the left, I looked to the right,
But my dear love was no where in sight.

It all happened so quickly, the rush of tragedy
I had to sit there and cry tears of agony
What will I do now with my sweet love gone
The one which death had so unfairly fallen upon.

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