Why I Write..

June 25, 2009
By , Escondido, CA
My words that I write don't always rhyme.
The words I write might not always make sense.

What I'm trying to say may not always be clear.
But the words to a song

just inspire me to try
And write exactly
what I feel.

Sometimes when I write I have to really

Sometimes I'm just bored.


I'm mad,
Or sad
Or I just feel

Sometimes I listen to a song



says exactly what I want to say.
I sing along expressing my feelings in an untrained voice.

But most times nothing expresses what I feel.

I don't consider myself a poet.
And I'm pretty sure I will never become famous.
But I write not just because I want to express how I feel.
I write because I hope one day

just one day

that someone will read my writings

and say

"that's exactly how I feel."

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