Alone In A Dark Room

June 25, 2009
By rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
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I sit in this dark room
Staring at the blank page
Thinking about my life
Thinking about my death

The more a stare
The more I draw blanks
I think about my lover
I think about my family

I want to crawl under a rock
I want to be left alone
In a dark room
To think about everything

I want my lover
I want my family
But I can't have my lover
But I can't have my family

I sit in a dark room
I think about myself
I think about my lover
I think about my family

Do I think better in the dark room?
Do I think for myself?
Do I think for my lover?
Do I think for my family?

Is there away of not thinking?
Yes, there is a way
Do I want to stop thinking?
No, I don't want to stop

I fall asleep at the keyboard
My dreams float in the air
I dream of my lover
I dream of my family

Is there someone in the world...
with the same problem?
Am I the only one?
I think I may never know
And I don't want to know.

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