June 25, 2009
By Nicole Obrey BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Nicole Obrey BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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Everything was perfect
New life joining a family
He smiles up at you, tiny hand
Curled around you finger and
For a year, life is perfect.
But then he changes.
Speech fails and he won’t meet your eyes
What is wrong?
Your parents worry and cry
The doctors smile, hiding the truth
Autism, they finally say, his future is lost
You watch him play, his mind like an
Exotic island hidden by a shroud of mist.
The world is different in his eyes
Teaching him brings anger, joy and pain
He screams and runs while you cry trying
To reach his thoughts.
Never give up, fight!
My brother

The author's comments:
I have two brothers with autism. Living with them can be difficult at times and they inspired me to write this poem of when I first found out that they had autism.

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