Summer Evening MAG

By Jennifer F., Hartwood, VA

Rays of the dying sun,
reach through cracks in the weatheredroof,
to lend spotlight to the dancing dust,
an aerial ballet of tinypinprick flashes of light.
A wave of musty odor assaults my nostrils,
as Istep into the coolness of the barn.
The moldy straw rustles andswishes
under my shuffling feet,
I sneeze as I peer into a duskycorner,
but find only spider colonies, weaving their
silky webs.
I climbover a low wall,
the rotted wood shedding splinters
into my palms,
myfeet land on a rusty
milk bucket and I am pitched forward
into the dry,powdery dirt of the floor.
I swat the dark granules from my jeans,
as Ipass aged milk stalls,
part the sea of rotting harnesses,
spare rope,slaughter hooks,
and corroded chains hanging from behind a door in theback.
The splintered wood is hanging by one decrepit
hinge as I gently pullit open,
A calico mother is nestled in a
bed of straw, purring gently toher children,
bathed in the glow of the afternoon light,
as the dust balletcomes to a close over their heads.

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i love this so much!


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