The Notebook (aka MY

June 25, 2009
A world of its own...
Anything in it can be created, edited, or destroyed...with the click of a pen
What shall i draw then?

A fantasy of ink, graphite, and paper...
whatever lies in the pages are waiting to be drawn or written by me
How shall it be done? let's see... little creations done by my own hand...I begin as soon as class starts to get...boring, lol

I have an observant mind,
I look at one thing,
but i can see another

My english notes turned into swirly fire drawings :P

My math equations turned into a new language :)

What was supposed to be written history notes, had turned into a stick-figure Civil War :D

It's too bad i didn't get an art class this year...

Mr.R: "(omit my name), are you sure you understand all this? its on the test tomorrow"

(hmm...what do my drawings say about that??)


lol :P :P :P

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