June 25, 2009
By rainyday93 GOLD, Bedford, New York
rainyday93 GOLD, Bedford, New York
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A tear spills down her face
As he pulls a string
She has no choice
As her arm brusquely unfolds
He pulls two more strings
And she falls into a split
The puppet master slowly lowers a forth
Her head comes to rest on the dusty floor
As her arm dangles above her
And her inflexibility is extinguished
The joints that once kept her body
Moving in strict motions are broken
Until all her joints come to be
Ball and socket
While her legs begin to fold
In directions she never thought possible
She hears her bones cracking
Her heart seems to be the only thing left in her control
But she knows it can’t be much longer
Until that too becomes the property of the puppeteer
And all she is left with is the body of a marionette

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