Soundtrack Of My Life

June 25, 2009
By Brianna Ray BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Brianna Ray BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Everything I hear, All the words forming together.
Nothing ever seems new. I've heard it all before.

Your car screeching down the road, leaving me alone.
My thoughts left open, wondering where you've gone, where you've been.
Mothers cries for help, seeking a way out.
Fathers screams, faint but always so loud,

Those are the top four songs played, on this Soundtrack of my life.

Sisters running away, they can't take the pain.
Neighbors hopelessly confused, they don't know what to do.
Animals going crazy, the noise is driving them insane.
Tears falling down my face, I can't help but try to escape.

Those are the top eight songs played, on this Soundtrack of my life.

Scratching at the floor, I can't find the door.
Trapped in the dark, no one know's who we are.
Everybody's come to the conclusion, that something must be wrong.
Day after Day, we forget what's happened, The show must go on.

The songs we tend to play, never get old.
Even though we play them, day after day, for so long.
I've memorized the words, to everything you've sung.
I can only wait, until the next night comes.

These are the top songs played, on this Soundtrack of my life.

The author's comments:
Basically, my lifestory put in to words, described as the 'Soundtrack of my life' almost as if to say, everything I've ever been through family wise, was turned in to a song, and this is how it would go.

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