June 24, 2009
By kklove08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
kklove08 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Do you here the worlds inside?

Colors, textures, and vivid images

that may or may not have ever existed

and words breath life into them

so that they are as alive as ever

but only inside

so that nothing makes sense anymore

and you don't know if they are trapped in you

or if you are trapped in them

but you don't want them to fade

as they are sure to do over time

because unspoken words are never remembered

These haunting words are all thats left

and despite the fact that you despise

the truth they hold would be unfair to hide

so we have to let these words out

in a permeant, horrifying way

that happens to be the only way we know how

so that there are no masquerades

Just worlds of truth born everyday

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