All We Can Be: Copycat

June 24, 2009
By BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
BonsaiNinja GOLD, Hamilton, Ohio
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My wide eyes(closed
Hold me, and its just a pose
You’ve fitted into.
Love, love
Is a four-legged thing
And we’ve all moved on
To mechanical replacements.
Sometimes I miss the old air
It was clearer there, and a smile was a smile.
A word was a word.
But now everything is about I--ll-u-s-I-on
And moving on. And forgetting.
And making it to the End.
Everyone is exceptional.
Nothing counts as special credential.
It’s too late to be creative, new.
I am a Copy.
Of him, their words, You.

The author's comments:
A bit depressing: it's my lament that there are many great artists int the world, but the only ones that seem to be acknowledged are those of old. It is also how I feel about my writing; compared to many others, mine is like comparing an elementary painting to Da Vinci.

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