A Green Person MAG

By Natalie D., Rio Oso, CA

The thickness of green
Moved in with spring.
One day Inoticed
Early April stroll home.
Density of new nature
Covered up littleways I used to look down,
And the bones of trees got their flesh back,
Aswell as other things winter stripped away
And laughed at.
Fullness loomeddown,
Branches heavy, trees sagging,
And I only saw halfway up
The sidesof buildings
Like in a jungle, every vision blocked by something green.
Istood in awe of the colors of green.
None too the same,
Standing back toback, one taller than the other,
Green really did seem such a wonderfulcolor.
It takes on every other color
With its sense of ubiquitous powersmiling in fluctuation,
Especially in spring.
Green is the thing withfeathers
That perches in the soul.
I see the hope in green,
Budding atthe end of winter's punch,
And the opening of his fist
To releaseeverything green.
I wish I could make everyone a green person,
But I thinkunder all our red and hopeless flesh,
There's a little bit of green life.
Ifeel something sprout; it's living inside me.
You were right; maybe I am agreen person.
Through winter I have looked for it,
I looked and past themonths I see it,
And watch it reflect off me.
The hope of green
Moved inwith spring
And moved into me.
One day I smiled
Looking back down at mystep:
Late April stroll home

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i love this so much!


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