My Shattered World

June 24, 2009
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She clangs and bangs the plates around
I’m sick of you two, she yells at me
Looking around the cramped apartment with disgust
She slams the dishes down on the floor
They break into countless pieces
Just like my broken up world
I stand in my door way and gaze down
Don’t be mad Mommy
I desperately want to say to her
Don’t leave me alone
But my lips stay closed and my tears brim over
Running into her room
She comes out with her things
I’m leaving now she says
I can’t stand this life anymore
A new life for me is long overdue
I’ve endured enough for you
It is time for me to leave
Without another word or glance at my tear streaked face
She turns and walks out the door
I stare after her without moving
Slowly I fall to the floor
Distantly I hear her car start and she disappears
Minutes I sit there
Time is nothing to me now
Crying and calling out, Mommy
I walk into her room
Seeing the closet empty I turn to her bed stand
There are the pictures of me and my mom
Left behind just like me
Tears blinds my sight as I lay upon her bed
I smell the pillow still smelling of her scent
Clutching it close I close my eyes
To my shattered little world

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