wrap me

June 24, 2009
wrap me in those arms that give me nothing but warmth.

kiss me with those lips that are softer than babies skin.

look at me with those eyes that shine brighter than the moon.

talk to me with that breath that smells so fresh.

hug me with that smooth clean flesh

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Miseltoe said...
May 30, 2010 at 6:37 pm
I like your poems but i think you should try doing something a little darker. Not just about love and heart break... Go toward another kind of relationship or just life in gerneral and see how you do. I like sometimes just to pick a random instance in my life and dewell there and embellish the details. Take a look at some of my stuff alot of it is about death and love but not gorey or freaky or anything. One of the most indept and true ones is tranger in my house its long but worth reading. And ... (more »)
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