June 24, 2009
By Wayne92 GOLD, Beaumont, Texas
Wayne92 GOLD, Beaumont, Texas
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How could this be my heart dismembered torn to pieces sprinkled everywhere like winter snow why am i so cold is it cause your not around or cause i sold my soul heartless they say maybe its true im damn nare heartless without you so as u live your life im still in the past wondering if that relationship could've last and yea you were the best i ever had and its sad im reminiscin
on the things i couldve had my emotions are mix theres times that i love you then theres times i dont sometimes i wanna be with you and sometimes i dont what am i to do just being a lost boy without you i feel like a childwho has lost his mother and gets put in an orphanage where he will never see his mother. Your the piece that im missing im incomplete im laying here in pieces waiting for a brand new start i did you wrong andi want you back but you wont take me back sitting here smokin these tree's wondering when will my baby come back to me naw im only foolin myself letting these tree's get the best of me taken my mind i know we will never be so i say goodbye to these sweet memories

The author's comments:
I hope you can relate

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