Narrative poem-America's History

June 24, 2009
By Lydia Linna BRONZE, Glendale, California
Lydia Linna BRONZE, Glendale, California
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The year is 1492.

An eagle soars in the clear blue sky.

Down below, in America

Men are exploring, Columbus in the lead.

The years pass, the Pilgrims have arrived.

The eagle, still high in the air,

Watches as they struggle through the harsh winter

And celebrate Thanksgiving with their newfound friends.

The eagle flies over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1776.

He spies a group of important looking men

The Founding Fathers

Gathered to declare independence.

A few years later, the eagle spots

An American army, led by Washington, fighting for their independence.

Their uniforms are rags and they are cold.

But they are spurred on by an inner fire, fueled by their patriotism.

The Civil War rages on in the 1860s.

The eagle looks on, saddened that his country is torn apart.

As brother fights brother

And American blood is spilled.

In 1914, World War I strikes, a calamity for all.

The eagle sees American soldiers battling for their lives.

He shakes his magnificent plumage at this Great War

And wonders what will happen next.

In 1941, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the eagle watches, along with the rest of America, devastated, as his harbor is bombed.

American soldiers join English and French in World War II

The brave Allied heroes fighting together against the hostile enemies.

Despite great losses, the Allies finally rose victorious.

Time passes

And the eagle soars on

Over his beautiful country

The United States of America.

The author's comments:
part of an 8th grade poetry project

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