I finally said

June 24, 2009
By daisy Trujillo BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
daisy Trujillo BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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As I look into your eyes I

found your long stare.
I stopped myself from saying words
that would show how much I care.
I put my hands up to your face to

hold my feelings in,
I wouldn't say the words again

to show my love for you.
The last time I had told you how much

you meant too me you put my
hands away from yours and said

to leave you be.
I never spoke the words again for fear

of this deep fright,
I thought it was the last time until

that blissful night!
Your fingers traced my face pushing hair away and I was quite unprepared,
for what you were to say,
My heart beat quickly, my head

raced on,

I thought that I might cry
you looked at me if I was going to faint.

I imagen this strong guy but

never would I be more
impressed with anything you'll

do than when you took ,
that heart full leap and told me

“I love you”

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