Blood-thirsty man

June 24, 2009

Eternal sleep!
Souls liberator, body’s enemy.
We, like drifters, do not glide;
But crash in to slumber.

Blood-thirsty man!
Quinch not, this infernal, thirst.
On innocence at your mercy.
Your sword is to no avail.
Your foot-steps, stole life, left deserts behind.

The earth shrinks into itself.
And dowers man with tears.
Oceans to drown in.

Centaures, trees, have fallen.
They, who remain, will be no more.
The green blood of life;
Pulsates, no more, in your crust.

The plague, illusion of greatness;
Has pock-marked the earth.
Scarred forever.

Careful, caution, trod slow.
Burn not, the earth, in your haste.

Man, healer!
Feel the pain; the muffled cry,
Of earth suffocated by blood.
Come heal!

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