More than friendship

June 24, 2009
By Stefani Harney BRONZE, New Hartford, New York
Stefani Harney BRONZE, New Hartford, New York
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I don't understand...
What is this feeling?
I never felt this way before
I can't help but think of you
Every time I'm around you I can't stop smiling

I should tell you...
But I know you don't feel the same
You like me as a sis
And i like you more than that

When i see you with her i feel so strange...
Its another feeling i don't understand
She makes you happy
But she makes me so mad
She tells you she loves you
And yet she acts like she doesn't
She's always around...
But i don't have the strength to get away

When you're with her you seem so different
I don't understand
when you're around me you're happy too
You tell me things you say you can't tell anyone else
We laugh, we talk, and we understand each other

My friends tell me you like me
I want to believe they're right
But part of me thinks it's not true
If only there was some way to now if you like me...
Or don't

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