United Souls

June 24, 2009
By Anonymous

United Souls

Deserted and marooned they found themselves there,
On the wind torn island they were destined to share.
Their families denied their access to hope,
Leaving no choice but to escape and elope.

Their fear that their families would tear them apart,
Drove them to leave, too quick to depart.
Their planning was fragile, no chance for delay
Causing the lovers to flee to the bay.

As they pushed off the shore their tension grew,
Purple clouds raged and the wind fiercely blew.
Once on the boat the storm chose their course,
Directing the pair with an undeniable force.

As the tormented island came into view,
The hard granite pillars seemingly grew.
The young couple panicked scared for their lives,
As the large granite rocks cut them like knives.

They clung to each other as their boat tore and splintered,
Forced into the water, the rocks cruelly glinted.
Shocked by the water deep, dark and freezing,
They struggled to swim against the power, black and heaving.

With no escape apparent they succumbed together,
To the depths of the ocean to lay there forever.
As their bodies descended no longer breathing,
Happy at last their united souls leaving.

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