I'm From

June 23, 2009
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I’m from the salty seas and
The prickling sand
I’m from the seagull’s way up
To the numbing Pacific below

I’m from the dry grass fields
To the hot summer sky’s
I’m from the galloping horses at day
To the howling coyotes at night

I’m from the craving taste
Of Pasta Roni noodles
I’m from the angle cake
And the angle noodles

I’m from the “I do what I want”
From my brothers and I
To the “Act like a fish” in a field
I’m from “Mr. Opportunity’s Knocken”
To the “Asian Pancake”
From good times thru out the years

I’m from the sapphire sky’s
With a dream of me flying a plane
I’m from the dream of a new president
That starts with an O and ends with
An A (Obama).

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