June 23, 2009
By Amanda Zhu SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
Amanda Zhu SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
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I’ve traveled from West Hartford to Paris, to Istanbul
and back
I’ve met noble kings and beautiful queens,
crazy Emperors and evil Empresses,
selfish gods and vain goddesses,
brilliant scientists,
and brave, courageous heroes and heroines.
I’ve learned the secrets
of this universe and others.
All without leaving my seat.
All by just opening a book.

After a strenuous and disappointing day at school,
all I want is to go away
for an hour or to from this world.
Reading is like falling into a black hole.
You are sucked in
and then plummet to somewhere else.
I’ve been dropped into a dense,
cold forest.
I hear hooves behind me
and can see brave Atalanta drawing blood
from The Calydonian Boar.
Reading sets me free.

I can smell the spices in the air
at an out door market in India.
I can see a giant ball of fire
in the sky with nothing beneath it,
but the endless Sahara Desert sand.
I can taste the food of the gods,
smooth, and luscious chocolate
in Switzerland.
Or, I can just lit on Miami Beach
hearing the rolling waves
and feel froth around my toes.
I can experience it all
by reading a book.

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