June 23, 2009
I love the Clouds
I live for the Storm
Watching the Lightning
Was more for me
Than the most stunning fireworks display
I lived in a world where
Rain was on all the forecasts
And umbrellas were forbidden
My own Watery

‘Till he came along

He took away my cloudy sky
Banished my rainy day
And whenever I asked him why
He simply said that he
Hated to see me that way
I don’t know quite how
He managed making me stay
‘Cause my idea of perfection
Was not a sunny day

I knew I had to go away
And that there was no coming back
But I was so sick and tired
Of that eternal sunny day

So please don’t be my Sunshine
Or take my rainy day
And then, just maybe
I might stay
‘Cause I am totally happy
When my skies are


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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 4, 2009 at 11:42 pm
i like this a lot! you are a very good writer :) check out my work and comment. keep writing :)!!!
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