A Farewell Not Executed

June 23, 2009
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The bell rings, class is over,
This is the last time I’ll see her,
She’s leaving forever if you don’t act,
If you back out you’ll never see her, it’s a fact,
You want her, you know you wants you,
You’ll never forgive yourself if this is a chance you blew,
She’s at her locker go ask,
It’s not a challenging task,
She then leaves, goes out to her mom’s car,
I quickly packed up, I ran a short distance though it seemed so far,
I search frantically,
I yelled her name endlessly,
I ran through the crowds and through the street,
But I realize I’m beat,
She’s gone forever, disappeared,
It’s the thing I’ve always feared,
I pussyed out, I let her go,
Why didn’t I just let her know,
But she’s gone and there’s nothing you can do about it,
Nothings going to change, deal with it.

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