Story of a Girl's Heart

June 23, 2009
they fall for different guys all the time.
sometimes its a different boy every week, every day, or every month.
or the girl is loyal and likes that boy for the longest time, for months or years.
she likes him so long she thinks she loves him.
what then?
she may say i love him but i like other guys too.
does she really love him?
she goes out with this boy and she says she gives him all her heart

but in the end she realizes she never had, she always had a string attached to make sure she got it back,
but then she saw



There had been a hole because the first boy she thought she loved didn't want her
then she was sure this boy she said she gave her heart too had fixed it.
it turns out he did so he could put in his own holes and then drop it so it broke.
turns out she didn't want it back.

she still loves that first boy.

the one who doesn't know they belong together and that she loves him with what is left of her heart.

they like guys. they love guys. they hate guys.
we just



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