June 23, 2009
Falling apart
Mistaken who you truly are

Crawling inside of me
Creeping into my every dream

Reality rushing in so cold
Bursting in,
You have altered
My mentality

Leaving me stunned
Frozen without a trace
No one to watch this saddening face
Hoping that today
Is the day, I can catch my breath

Controlling everything I do
You’ve grown to be a part of me
I can’t let you go

My heart is racing
Cold sweat running down my face
Hard to explain it
Can’t deny it
I’m addicted

Numbness rising
As you’re growing
Drawing a blank
As you reach deeper within me

I’m falling apart
I’ve mistaken what you truly are

I’ve become
A host
To this Parasite

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dreamer_believer said...
Aug. 6, 2009 at 3:52 pm
great job! the title suits the content in the poem :) very deep and i like the 1st stanza the really made me think :) well done! *check out and comment on some of my work please, i love the feedback!
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