June 22, 2009
I dream of …
The far away
A better day
And another way

In dreams its me and you
Doing what we know is true
Why cant the world see what we do
We have love, can’t they too
They shut us away from the other
Mostly because of you mother
I’ll never find another
You and I are meant together

I dream of you …
Doing what is right
Wishing by a stars light
Flying your kite

Dreaming of a better year
When u and I are an us dear
With you around I know no fear
I walk with you down love pier
I can be your lover boy
With my heart u mustn’t toy
Turing me into a man no longer coy
Your love can turn a carnivore to eat soy

I dream of the future bright and bold
I see us standing close your hand I hold

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lexi10824 said...
Jul. 1, 2009 at 2:32 am
Wow..this is an amazing piece! I love it! It's filled with so much emotion. Keep Writing. Check out some of my stuff...I hope you like it! :) <3
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