June 22, 2009
By pieceofheart SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
pieceofheart SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
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You said you were my friend
Holding my hand in yours
Looking into my eyes with concern
Saying those words you should have never said
Whispering that you cared
And holding me tight your arms
I closed my eyes
And let my tears drop
Stupidly believing your lies
Now I sit here
Thinking back to yesterday
Seeing you laugh at his jokes
And touch his lips to yours
How could you do this
Why did you lie
It would have hurt less if you hadn’t cared
It would be less painful if you weren’t my friend
This pain inside me
Rips my heart and makes me bleed
I thought we were a team
I believed you cared
What do I do now
The person who wiped my tears away
Is the one making me cry

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote after finding out my best friend lied to me and went out with my Ex. Please read this with an open heart.

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on Jul. 1 2009 at 3:21 am
lexi10824 PLATINUM, Portalnd, Oregon
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Me and my bff have both gone out with the same guy and we are cool with it. Maybe you guys can work somehting out. I hope that you guys can be cool again. I would be so mad though if she had gone out with him when we were going out. :) Good luck with your writing. :) :) Keep Trying to Smile! :) It me! :)

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