Broken Heart

June 22, 2009
By Ashley Baker BRONZE, BlueSprings, Missouri
Ashley Baker BRONZE, BlueSprings, Missouri
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In the late afternoon,

With the sun high in the sky.

You gave me this note,

I read with a cry.

Even though you did not say yes or no,

I felt like I was not whole.

You wrapped my heart around your finger,

Till I could not go no more,

Then snapped my heart in two.

You didn’t think you could snap in to four,

But you did and so much more.

I cannot make you change your mind,

Nor can I change my own.

All I can do is love you,

And hope love from you in return.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after some guy I had been crushing on since the summer before 8th, rejected me and asked out my best friend. When he rejected me, it felt like he had ripped my heart out and kicked across the floor. It doesn'tmatter anymore, we're all friends now. I hope whoever reads this, likes it.

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