June 22, 2009
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Every “I love you” was based off of lies and lust, hushed nights produced the rush that caused us to romance and produce our fairy tale happy ending the beginning to our counterfeit real we managed to manufacture the way we thought we should feel. All of this couldn’t be for nothing. So we cut an unspoken deal. We’d just drive each other insane no pain no gain and argue we’d argue every day until we saw it logical enough to call it quits. I didn’t even know breakups required this much cunning and wit but this, a true complication. Too much devotion to just cut ties we couldn’t have people questioning why we made this decision so with the utmost precision we began our decay into…singlehood. All the talk of marriage vows and how we’d have children was a joke sad part is I think we always knew there’d be no hope for a future with the two of us. We knew, because every “I love you” was based off of lies and lust. There was never any trust in what we had never any substantial basis to stand ground on no we had absolutely no reason to believe that this could possibly work; Except for the massive urge to not hurt a significant person in our lives. I don’t think we meant nothing in the other persons’ mind it just wasn’t the right time. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we could get over our fears of cheaters and abusers. Maybe we could look beyond the past and make what we started actually last but until then…this is the end. Because every “I love you” was based off of lies and lust and isn’t fair that we care for a dead end relationship and an unstable two year crush.

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