On This Night

June 22, 2009
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Here we are,
the both of us.
Laying on this bed,
you fell asleep.
You sneaked into my house
just to talk to me.

You sneaked in through
the back door of my house,
not knowing that my parents
are gone for the weekend.
You could have just entered
through the front door.

We talked about our dreams,
of our lives together.
You touched my face
and I was shocked because
a lover has never touched me.
But your touch was like a sweet caress,
a soft touch that I never felt before.
A touch that could render me powerless
because I never felt anything like it.
But I always want more of it because it’s
coming from you.

I told you my dreams and what
my life was like before my perfect lover,
and what I feel after I met you.
Before you, my life was out of control.
Everyone close to me only caused me pain,
the people that I let in hurt me.
After you, I expected you to hurt me,
to be like everyone else.
But you weren’t like them.
You were the exact opposite.
You were there when I needed
to let out my emotions and you
hugged me when I needed someone.

You spoke your dreams,
and what your life was like before
you met me.
I wasn’t your first lover,
but you told me that I’m your true lover.
I turn around to see you snoring lightly,
and see your chest rising slowly.
I curl up next to you and bush
a strand of your short, black hair away from
your face.
I look into your face and see your
cinnamon-colored skin.
At that moment, I realized
you’re my lover.
My perfect lover.
I know that you’re my perfect lover
because you haven’t hurt me,
you haven’t caused me pain,
when I thought that by now,
I would have hated you.

But I realize that you will never
hurt or cause me pain,
a pain that will force me
and it would even kill me,
to hate you with ever part of my heart.
But you haven’t.
Never have I been in love
with someone like you.
I never thought I would find you.
Never did I think our love would last.

You were the one that I let inside
and yet, you haven’t hurt me.
It was hard for me to let you
become a part of me because I’ve
gotten hurt by so many people.
I’m scared of you hurting me and putting me
through torture.
But you haven’t.
I expect this of you,
didn’t anyone tell you
you have to hurt me.
But you haven’t and now that
I’m laying here next to you,
I know you won’t.

I then hear you,
you start to stir and
then you slowly open your eyes
and I start to see your brown eyes,
brown eyes that remind me of cinnamon.
Your cinnamon eyes that hypnotize.
Your eyes that force me to love you.
Then I hear you say to me,
I love you.
No one else but you.

I then get water in my eyes
but you can’t see because of the dark
and I’m grateful because of it.
But then I feel your finger bush
one of my tears away.
Like a psychic,
you read my mind.
Don’t cry.
You tell me.
But I can’t help it because
no one has ever told me
those 3 words before.
My parents yes, but never a lover.

I love you too.
I hear those words exit
my mouth.
I know that by saying those words,
everything will be okay.
You then put your arm around my neck,
your strong arm with your biceps on my head.
I let you put your arm around me because
I now know that you don’t have the power
to cause me distress.
I curl up next to you.
No more than five minutes later do
I hear you breathing lightly.

I know that on this night,
I wouldn’t chose to be anywhere else
than with you.
You’re keeping me sane.
I look at your sleeping face and
say to you and I hope you can hear me,
I love you.
I then put my head on your chest
and let sleep take over me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece based on a dream I had. It was perfect and I wish it was real.

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