Lost and confused little girl

June 22, 2009
By oncfl27 BRONZE, Norwalk, California
oncfl27 BRONZE, Norwalk, California
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As I sit here in the dark looking back at my past
I being to wonder who the real me is
I start to question myself if i know who i am really or i'm i just a girl who my family brought up and trained like a dog to obey them and never have a voice.
some days i question myself if i should move out, wait until i turn 18 or find the easy way out and go and look for fame.
is fame an excuse for me to live on my own and find my own voice or is it an excuse to run away from all my problems.
As i get older i try to find my voice but as i get stronger my family finds a way to pull me back down and make me weak.
Every time i try it seems like i can never really get my way or find who i am.
I feel like the only way i can find my voice is by leaving but the thought of where a 16 y.o. with no money will live at still crosses my mind.
each day is a new day and hopefully one day i can be strong enough to defend myself and find my inner voice without my family putting me down.

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