June 22, 2009
By Elisha Millsom SILVER, Yarmouth, Other
Elisha Millsom SILVER, Yarmouth, Other
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The Rules have changed
we are no longer seperated by the law
How did that happen?
Are you happy to know that?

Did you know that you can see right through me?
When i'm around you, I feel completely naked
I bare my inmost secrets without thinking twice
Why do you believe in me?
I don't even believe in myself

This is our chance,
Or is it just for a moment?
I pray your fears leave you and you receive peace
You have been through so much
Why did you let her control you?
Why couldn't you be your own person?

With me you say you're free
That you are you
Why did you run away in the beginning?
She made you, didn't me?
She was jealous
She's still jealous
But now you don't care

How did we get here?
I was so consumed by my thoughts for the long months that you left me
This time if you leave
I will not wait
I will not wait
I will not wait
...Please don't leave me

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