The fall of Romeo & Juliett

June 22, 2009
By Anonymous

laying in a bed of roses eyes shut tight, is she dreaming or did she loose the fight? all around her rain falls down shattering like glass as they hit the ground. he stands over her gun in hand if he cant wake her he will leave this land. shes so cold he thinks as he lightly touches her lips then gently tries to wake her..with a kiss.. nothing happened still she sleeps, so cold in her daze secrets the beauty keeps. he cocks the gun shaking with fear if he cant have her in life surely he could if he left here, he pulls the trigger rubys fly as he falls down beside her the prince dies, jewls pool around her staining her dress why does being in love have to leave such a mess? she slowly starts to open her eyes and sits up unknowing of why she dreamt. only to wake to see him dead with a bullet lodged inside his head, her screams tore through the night like shooting stars , in a hurry she looks for the gun and finds it resting saftly by his side, she takes it from its place and eases it up to her heart they never have to be apart

The author's comments:
i had just watched the leonardo dicaprio version of romeo and juliet and i got inspired to write this.

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