June 22, 2009
She sits in front of the mirror, lines run through the cracked glass, distorting her once clear image, the thought of him unable to pass.
She studies her face for some type of answer, but in her mind the solution has always been there, she never should’ve opened up to this, never should have let herself care.
Little by little it breaks her, though she has tried to push this feeling away, she knows its wrong, but she’s no longer afraid of what they all would say.
Like a phantom he haunts her dreams tearing through her control, she can no longer fight it its to much to bear, every time she closes her eyes he is somehow standing there.
How could she allow this to go so far, something that started out as a small scratch has grown into a scar.
Though she hears her conscious, her heartbeat seems to drown out all rationality, she’s tired of being fooled be a technicality.
Standing on the edge of reason, she always chooses disaster, but every time she’s around him her pulse races faster.
Sparks fly like lightning bugs, her breath taken simply by one of those hugs.
Eyes that reach the depths of her soul, hands that tremble for another touch, not knowing where this is going but I cant loose much.
Can you see? Can’t you tell? This girl is standing in the heart of hell. Lost and confused her emotions savagely abused. Kiss me im falling

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JesusIsMySavior777 said...
Jul. 9, 2010 at 8:24 am
this is so good! love the last line!!!! it wraps it up with so much emotion
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