June 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Everyday people ask me Why?
Why am i so unhappy?
Why am i so scared?
Truth is, is that i'm alone,
No on to call on the phone,
Until one day
You showed up
I promised you my heart, my love
But i was too afraid to let you in
I was afraid to love
To feel again
I shy away from you slowly
Going back into my state of hatred and cruelty,
I pray tell what is my fate?
At this rate i become numb again, i start to isolate myself from friends family and you.
You tell me you love me
But is that really true?
I don't want to feel that pain i've felt so many times before.
I want to love you
It's just, i don't know how to......

The author's comments:
my ex inspired this poem, i've been hurt so many times before. I'm sometimes afraid to be in a relationship for fear of that same thing happening.....

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