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June 22, 2009
By Amber Molesy BRONZE, Warren, Ohio
Amber Molesy BRONZE, Warren, Ohio
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you had your chance
and you screwed it up
now its time to say goodbye
to what could've been
the greatest thing of our life

i always thought you were the best
but looks like i was wrong
you hurt me one to many times
its time to put a stop to it all
before things get to outta hand

i love you and always will
but i can't stay with you
you put me through to much
i can't deal with the hurt and pain
not from you or anyone

i need to be alone in life
away from all guys for a while
maybe one day things will get better
but its hard telling anymore
life has ups and downs

getting into trouble is all you do
its like you don't no another way
and thats not the life i want
not for me or our daughter
i'm sorry it just cant be anymore

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