Looking Back

June 21, 2009
By alisha BRONZE, Aztec, New Mexico
alisha BRONZE, Aztec, New Mexico
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you make me feel safe
like something worth while.
when you told me tight
i can't help but to smile.
but you're feelings and actions are past tense
when i look back on it.
did it really make sense?
the "i love you's", the late night phone calls
i feel as if im backed against a wall.
no way in, no way out
i'm in my own world,
of fear and doubt.
four walls surround me
it's so empty and bare.
i'm lost in life,
without a single care.
the longer i sit here
the more i hear death calling my name.
but i know this is all...
just a part of death's little game.
i wonder if i'll ever make it without you,
i wish you could feel
all the pain you've put me through.
the one thing ive learned to see
is i can't depend on anyone.
not even me.
this world isn't safe,
neither is it nice.
perhaps...just maybe,
we'll all get to live twice.

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