Lost Shoe

June 21, 2009
By lila Seeley BRONZE, Cazenovia, New York
lila Seeley BRONZE, Cazenovia, New York
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Where is my shoe?
I dare not ask
Fore I know the answer that will arise
The wind whispers
“I don’t know”
No reassuring glance
Could alter my pessimism
Shall I look under my bed?
In this unknown world
Will I find the answer?
Where is my shoe?
I gasp
Under my bed I find
My sock
A pen
A journal
My long lost shirt
But no shoe
My endless search continues
Perhaps my closet is the home
To my shoe
In I go
Will I ever get out?
Once I’m in I am trapped
I am drowning in
Dresses hung up on hangers
Pants on the floor
Shirts strewn through out
This small room
But no shoe
I panic
What will I do
Without my red shoe?
Where else could it be?
I know the answer to my demanding question
My memory screams
“the basement”
and there it is
alone in the corner
it smiles
I smile
It’s found

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