June 21, 2009
By jamieleewolfe BRONZE, Farmington, Pennsylvania
jamieleewolfe BRONZE, Farmington, Pennsylvania
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Control yourself
Can you….

Can I….
What if we fight

What if….

What if….
Anger gets the best of me
Control myself….
Can you control….

Control yourself
Why do we have anger
It’s no sin….

But could create sin
There is a reason….

Reason for anger….
Does this mean….

I can control….
The answer lies with you,

I can’t give you the truth,

Control yourself

Can you….

Can I….

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because I have what most people call an anger problem.(Not really that much.) But when I get mad, I scream, yell, and get madat people for no big reason.

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