One Desire

June 21, 2009

One Desire

I am hugging warm blankets,
While there are people out there, freezing to death
I am resting my head on a soft pillow,
While some lay back on stony-hard rocks, trying to forget

Trying to forget the home they lost
Or the hunger that just won’t leave
Trying to imagine a beautiful world where
They wouldn’t just offer their kindness,
But also receive

And while I press “play”,
While I listen to yet another perfectly toned voice
Somewhere miles away,
Gunshots pierce the silence
And yet another innocent soul leaves their loved ones without a choice

While I talk and laugh and shop
A baby burns in an explosion’s everlasting fire
While I weigh myself critically or brush my hair,
People out there have only one desire:
To live.
Why not let them?

The author's comments:
About the situation in Gaza..

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