The Beach

June 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The breeze blows my hair
And it whips around my face
The salty smell of the ocean air
It’s a smell that I can’t replace

It’s unique in its own way
And really homey too
Watching the ocean, waiting for the sea spray
And all of the seagulls that just flew

The sand between my toes
The warm softness of it
As I sit on the sand and fold up my clothes
And feel through my bathing suit the sand’s grit

I look out at the sea
And see the sails blowing near the sky
This is the place where I feel free
And I let out a long sigh

I pull out my book
And glance around
At the beach I love to look
At all the beachgoers that abound

The beach is crowded
And they’re still coming
Wait until the day is clouded
It will be so relaxing

The beach is my place
It’s where I belong
In all of the universe and space
This is where I wish to be all along

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